AtoZ 2021 – B is for Bay Area Renaissance Festival

B is for Bay Area Renaissance Festival

I moved to Florida at the end of October 2019 and I was very excited to check out my first big Renaissance Festival here in the Tampa Bay area, but of course in February 2020 we were only just learning about the Coronavirus, and the event was only open for four of the seven scheduled weekends before the world shut down.

Even still, the Bay Area Renaissance Festivalunfortunately it’s often referred to by its acronym, BARF, lol! — was really fun while it lasted, and I got to see familiar acts as well as brand new events and musicians. No one’s sure if it’s going to open in 2021 yet, but I hope you enjoy this photo gallery from the weekends I went dressed in my Thirteenth Doctor cosplay! All the details are at the bottom of this post.

Are you a fan of the Renaissance Festival? Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever attended, or if you hope to someday!

Starting at the top, these are my photos of: the map of the Village of Fittleworth; the metal medallion that they use for a season pass; a gifted female jouster who played the heel; a booth selling beautiful tropical plants called Queens Garden; a global musical group called Bocca Musica; the King and his new Queen dancing; me getting lots of use of a parasol I’ve had for decades, because the Florida sun is no joke, even if February; MN Ren Fest favorite Johnny Phoenix; the fantastic Demzarah Gypsies; traditional musicians Coal Black Rose; me with a Mandalorian Black Knight; drum and bagpipe musical group Pictus; me with prolific musician Jim Hancock (with the guitar) and other musicians (I unfortunately don’t recall their names); me with a mermaid; the band Valkyrik (a new favorite!); dragon artist Stanley Morrison‘s booth; and me with a new friend you will see all over the Florida Ren Fest and Pirate circuit, affectionately known as Pink.

Thank you for visiting St. Paul 2 St. Pete and the kickoff to my new blog, the April AtoZ Challenge 2021!  If you’re new to my adventure of moving from St. Paul, MN to St. Pete, FL, it might help to read my introductory post here, but these stories are all standalone. Thanks for reading, see you at the beach!


  1. Yes, the acronym is hilarious. Love all your photos from the festival – it’s one of the many things I’ve missed from the last year, not being able to go to festivals, country shows, or highlands games.
    Your costume is fabulous and I love how colourful the whole festival looks.
    I’ve chosen travel as my theme too, mainly because I’m missing it so much.

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